Leadership Secrets…….

of a servant

We live to lead and we lead to live.

There are many ways to define greatness. There are just as many ideas of what determines greatness. Another might only judge what is great to one person good or adequate. 

Deep in the heart of every human is an innate desire to be great. We want to be the best. We want to do our job so well that none among the living, the dead, or the unborn could do it any better. Martin Luther King, Jr. referred to this phenomenon as “the drum major instinct”. It is a quest to perform with a level of excellence deserving of celebration. 

Our initial quest is to define greatness. What does greatness look like? What does greatness feel like? Must greatness be universally recognized? Could we be in the presence of greatness without knowing it? 

The truth of the matter is greatness is mysterious. We do not always recognize it when we see it. I can’t imagine one could ever conclude he has become great or even accomplished great things without choking on his own pride. Greatness can be expressed as one who does great things, or one who does mundane things with great skill or consistency. 

“The road to greatness begins when we take our first step beyond limitations and expectations”. LEAD!

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